Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

A Beary Merry Christmas to One & All (Bears & Not-a-Bears alike)!!  Sebastian and I rummaged through my clothes looking for something festive for Sebastian... (Mama got a new camera a couple of weeks ago and is still figuring it out... hence the fuzzy bear bums!)

Ta-dah!! That's me on the left in my Father Christmas outfit and Sebastian found a beary fetching nutcracker outfit...

And we got presents too!! Sebastian was beary impressed with the big snowman on the bag... he wants to know if we can make a snowman sometime...

Snoopy kitty coming to see what we got.... psshhttt!!!

Oh, presents!! One for me and one for Sebastian... and something else...

Slippers! Big fluffy, silly Christmas slippers! Sebastian already has boots on so guess who gets to wear the fuzzy slippers...

Aren't they fetching??? Sebastian was coughing a bit and said he had inhaled a bit of fluff but... you don't think he was laughing at the slippers do you?

And now... presents!

Oh... our beary own emergency Nutella supply! No honey??? Mama says we have enough honey and that little bears need to broaden their dietery horizons... huh?

And then we got to open mail from our pals! Sebastian was beary impressed that my stuffie friends can write letters and stuff...

This first one was from Beanie Mouse - he is so creative!

The next one was from Jerry & Ben... Hmm...  Clearly we all shop at the same department store for our clothes!

But there was a second envelope from Jerry & Ben!

With a cute hand-drawn card... awww....

***mumble mumble...***... "scarf"!!??? Huh??

Oh look, there is something in the enveloped!

Oh, it's a Canada Maple Leaf scarf!!! It is awesome guys!! Thanks so much!!! I promise to share it with Sebastian (maybe) if he gets a cold neck...
 After we opened our presents, read the mail and posed for fancy pictures we got into some comfy outfits and settled back to enjoy the day...

I pulled out a book called The Mouse Writer... I wonder if Beanie was involved in that? I read the story while Sebastian listened... and eventually we both fell asleep cause we're still jet-lagged!


  1. The Christmas outfits look wonderful! We're glad you enjoy the scarf! Ben helped to cut out the maple leaves and Jerry helped to affix them to the scarf. We thought it would good with either color jacket!

    1. I love the scarf!! My Fonzie jacket would look good with it too!

  2. What a fun day you two had. I like the scarf, did you try the nutella? I wonder if Jerry and Ben ever tried nutella, I think they might like it.

    1. Oh Nutella is so beary yummy! Especially on toast...

    2. Oh, we know all about Nutella; did you know there is a special Nutella store in Chicago now! We want to go visit it!

    3. A Nutella store!!! Ooooh... that would be amazing!

  3. Those slippers are just grand! But I will be beary honest and say that I am getting confused trying to tell you two apart from Sandy and Sebastian... do your owners get you confused sometimes if you wear different clothes? :)

    The scarf is beary cool - lots of creativity here!

    1. Don't worry... I get confused too! Mostly we look a bit different in the snout... sometimes... Mama says she needs to put coloured ear tags on us to keep us straight but I think that's a bit extreme!