Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Outside Fire-pit

Well... today was quite an adventure. Mama said we were going out to get a fire-pit. I thought we were maybe going to Home Depot to get some curved concrete blocks or something. But no... We went for a little hike first! I think this little bridge looks like something out of the Hobbit...

It's cute!

And the little stream that it crosses is still partly frozen.

But only partly because it is getting warmer out and everything is melting.

See... this pond still has some ice but it is also melting.

But somebody (not me!) thought they could go out there and spell their name in the slush. Not smart.

Oh hey!!! Is this our fire-pit?? Apparently not, Mama said it was a bit too big and heavy to move...

She said it was an old tire rim... from one of these cars?? Nope... from an old transport truck...

Let's just say... I'm glad I was just supervising this expedition! The thing had to get rolled up a few hills...

And it left a trail in the gravel...

Someone has used it for a fire-pit before...

Oh boy... the truck is up at the top of those stairs... oh boy... I will do a great job of supervising! Luckily, the two humans brought an old axe handle along and with a bit of grunting and muttering of unprintable words...

We got it up into the truck!! Whew!! That was hard work supervising... I can't wait to have it in operation so we can roast honey marshmallows in the backyard!!


  1. I am a great supervisor as well. Sometimes you have to supervise those humans very closely to get the job done right and without any bad language! Do you think your humans will let you make the first fire in the fire pit? Hope you were beary careful on the slushy snow.

    1. Supervisions is beary important and a much maligned occupation! I hope I can make a fire soon... so far its been too rainy out!

  2. Oh, a fire pit! That sounds beary nice. Jerry suggest making smores, and Ben adds that hot chocolate would be a nice addition. A nice crackling fire with friends sounds wonderful!

    1. Oh yes... we are apparently only allowed to make outside fires for "cooking" purposes... so just need to keep a bag of marshmallows at hand! Once the weather cooperates of course...