Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sandy explores a new park

I don't understand it... I can go for weeks with nary an adventure and then all of a sudden... Boom!!! There are tonnes of adventures and way too many to post about. Sometimes it's hard being a little bear! The weather cleared up marginally and I got to go for a hike! This is a new park we haven't been to before. To be fair... I'm new here... so I haven't been to most parks in the area!

Look at that... blue sky!

Little bears love to scamper down the trail kicking dry leaves left and right!

Of course I had to model my new jacket... don't I look handsome? It's a perfect jacket for a crisp fall day... not too hot... not too cold.

Still some mushrooms hiding under some leaves.

Whoa... and some big, big maples leaves!

There's a bit of a marshy area where the birds like to hang out.

And a bird-watching platform. I have to say... I don't have the patience for bird-watching...

But we did see this funny looking duck thing way off in the distance. Bird-watching would be way more fun if the birds would swim closer!

The cat tails are almost all done...

There was this little quiet patch of water with tiny green plants and every once in a while a little fish would bump its nose up to the surface. But I couldn't get a picture of him... too quick!

I got a beary good sense of the ecosystem of these coastal forests... The undergrowth has lots of sword fern...

With Oregon Grape (I wonder if Little Fox has stuff like that down where he lives) and Salal... Both shrubs produce berries that make awesome jelly... which goes good with toast and hot chocolate!

There are even some piddly red huckleberry bushes...

This is a big old cedar tree... makes a great place for a little bear to play hide-and-seek! If a little bear had someone to play hide-and-seek with!

Isn't it pretty?? Most of the trees are Douglas Fir and Cedar...

Some more cute mushrooms...

The lake looks like it might be good for swimming in the summer... now it's too cold... brr!!!

Ahhh... this little bear need to soak up some sunshine! That was a good hike...


  1. Looks like a wonderful hike Sandy, and your jacket sure does look snazzy and warm. We hope your mom brought along some hot chocolate, that's always good after a hike.

  2. No... but she did bring a chocolate brownie for me to munch on which is almost (almost) as good.

  3. Oh yum, those are great for needed energy during a long hike!

  4. Looks like a big park, did you explore all of it? Glad to hear you got outside, it is good to take a break after all of the writing and ax reconditioning you have been up to. Yes, we have lots of Oregon Grape down here, it's our state flower. You gave me an idea I will have to ask my housemates to make me some brownies. I hope they do it tonight.

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Yup, brownies are beary good for an energy boost!

    @Little Fox - Well, no, didn't explore all of it... 11 km of trails (ummm...11/8*5 = 7 miles?) so there is lots more to see. My Mama takes the easy way out with brownies and buys them...

  6. What a lovely hike - and you saw so many different things. I like your new jacket and your boots.