Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sandy explores an Ancient Forest

There is a beary famous forest in our neck of the woods. It is called Cathedral Grove and some of the trees there are 800 years old! That's way older than this little bear... Let's see, that would be... 1213 AD I think. Way before Columbus and Jacques Cartier!

Yup, those are big trees!!

My goodness... the tree is almost too wide for the photo. It is a Douglas Fir, you can tell by the gnarly bark...

They are super tall too!

Hmmm... this little baby tree looks like it got started at a weird spot! Now it's trying to grow down and find some dirt... or grow up and sideways and??

Whoa!! Can you even see me in the photo?

I wonder if there are any honey combs up there...

It sure is peaceful in the forest...

This tree is the oldest and tallest in the park!

According to the sign, it is way taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy... If you look beary closely, you can see some tiny people in the picture between the tree and the tower... That tells you how small humans are compared with this tree. A little bear would just be a speck on that diagram!

Of course there are some pretty ferns here as well.

And a lake too... but too cold to swim in.

Some trees have fallen down and this old cedar has a beary interesting and scary looking root-wad. Can you see me in there?

Oh Oh!!! This is an edible mushroom!!! It is called Bear's Tooth mushroom! It is a beary funky mushroom and Gramma has told me it is a "choice" one to eat. Too bad she's not here to eat it... because Mama wrinkles her nose at the thought of eating mushrooms! Which I don't understand because in Vietnam she ate a live cricket and cooked crickets! How are mushrooms worse than crickets??
Uh-oh... Mama's giving me "The Look"... I better go now!


  1. Wow, those are GIANT trees Sandy! It sure would be fun to place hide-and-seek in that forest!

  2. What a lovely trip you took - and such big trees. We used to have a redwood tree in our backyard that was over 900 years old - we moved and had to leave the tree there - it was beary big.

  3. @Jerry & Ben - Mmmm... I thing there would be a lot of hiding... a lot of seeking... and not a lot of finding!!

    @JoAnn - 900 years old!! That's super old! Too bad you couldn't have packed it in your moving van... Do you have arbutus trees (madrone trees) down where you are? They aren't super big but they are super interesting!