Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Preparations

Well, today's the day... I've been procrastinating for a while on this pumpkin carving thing...

I thought I would start by cutting off the top of the pumpkin...

There we go... oooh there is a lot of gunk in this one!

You have to get all that stuff out with a big spoon...

And put it in a bowl. Because there were so many seeds, we decided to try to roast them... First you separate the seeds from the gunk and then you rinse any remaining gunk from them.

Then you put them in a pot of water and cook them for about 10 minutes, then into the oven for roasting. After that, you crack them open and eat the insides!

It sure makes a lot of compost! But that is good for the garden (eventually)...

Sigh... yes I am procrastinating... Let's see, I could carve something on this side...

Or maybe this side??... sigh... mumble...

Mama!! I need some inspiration!!!

Ooohhh... I like that!!! It's a bear-paw!

Oooh yes!!! That would be a great one to do! It's all curves and stuff but I'm sure it can be done!

Heh-heh... look at that.... 

This might be a good idea I think!

Let's see... here we have some tools to choose... and off we go.

You have to cut beary carefully... cause of all those rounded pieces...

It took a while but... LOOK!! It is done!

I think this is a beary cool pumpkin... because you know there's nothing as scary as a Bear Paw! But just a minute... I have to run inside!

Ta-dah!!!! This is Supreme Commander Sandy of the planet Bearspaw!

Take me to your leader who knows where all the honey is!!

My henchman has ways of making you talk!!

That was fun!! And it look super cool in the dark too... Grrr... watch out for the Bear Paw!! Of course there the Bear Claws but they aren't scary... at least not the pastry ones!! Ha-hah.. ha... hmmm....



  1. My sister composted the pumpkin gunk one halloween and then used the compost the next spring in her flower beds. Guess what grew up among the petunias and marigolds? You guessed it - - pumpkins! Cool, eh? SC

  2. Congratulations or your pumpkin, she is very beautiful !
    Your costume is very beautiful too, you totally deserved your first prize!

  3. @SC - There's an idea!! That would be cool to get pumpkins in our compost bin!

    @Achille - Thanks! Oops... Mama says I should practice my French... Ah-hem... Merci Achille!! Votre costume est tres magnifique aussi!! Tres Harry Potter! Pardon, mais je ne parle pas francais tres bien... Ben est un expert!