Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Goats on Roof

Well... all I have to say is that I am a super surprised little bear!! Today we went for a car ride adventure. And stopped at a market in a place called Combs. Why anyone names a place after a grooming implement is beyond me! Oh wait... Mama says it's actually named Coombs... Uh-huh...

Anyhow, this place is famous for it's market building. Can you guess why?? Can you see what is behind my head?
Yup, there is grass growing on the roof!! And you see that little house on the roof?? It's a goat house!! Can you see the goat?

There he is!! The goats roam around on the roof and eat the grass...

They do a pretty good job of it too by the looks of it.

That is one way to keep the lawn mowed... that is if you have lawn on your roof of course! I wonder what happens if the roof ever gets a leak? Hmmm....


  1. There is a restaurant in Door County Wisconsin, Sister Bay to be exact. They have goats on the roof too. I'm guessing they bring them down in the winter to stay in a warm barn.

    Funny that the goats have a little goat house with grass and a goat on it's roof too.

  2. Looks like a great lawn mower! Maybe your mom can get one for your yard? We asked Papa, but he just had a surprised look on his face and say, "Um, I don't think so." That doesn't sound very fair to us!

  3. @Buttons - Really!? Hmmm... beary interesting. I think these goats stay out all winter because it is so mild here.

    @Jerry & Ben - Well, you know how it is... little bears come up with brilliant, in-the-clouds, world-changing ideas and... humans keep us firmly rooted in the earth... sigh.