Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Bear Patches

I think that I am quite a well-traveled little bear. I have been to several countries now and I am starting to lose track of where I have been! I was thinking of how to keep track of that... (this is a picture of a little bear thinking). And then it hit me! Beanie Mouse has an excellent way of keeping track of where he has been...

Ta-dah!! Flag patches!! I was thinking about this while we were away on our trip too... so I bought some flag patches in Laos and Vietnam. So, here we go. This is my home patch... Canada!

And these are all the patches of the countries I visited in SE Asia... that's Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos... They like red and blue apparently!

Let's see... I've also been to England (Beanie and Bob T. Bear live there) and Germany... that was last year...

Mama also bought patches for places she has been... Those two patches look identical... but they are really for two separate countries! That is Netherlands on the left (cause it has Netherlands written on the bottom). That's where Hammie & Sullivan live. I hope to get there one day too... And the flag on the right looks exactly the same as Netherlands but it's not! It's Luxembourg... Hmmm... that seems beary confusing, at least for a little bear! Apparently the blues are slightly different on the flags. Hmmm.... Mama says the flag proportions are different too...

Oh wowsers... Let's see... That is France and then Italy and Belgium... Then underneath is Austria and Switzerland... And then USA and Mexico! Jerry & Ben and Buttons all live in the US. I'm hoping to get down there one day. Mama says she's also been to Hungary but couldn't find a patch for that country. And... wait a minute, I've been to Mexico too!! Oh, and the Spanish flag... that's coming up in the future apparently. There is a super-long hike we are going to do one day called the Camino Compost Ella. I'm not sure why we would want to do a hike called compost but... humans are funny that way!

Did you know that Luxembourg and Netherlands are not the only confusing country flags? You see the flag for Belgium? Well the flag for Romania is similar except it has blue instead of black. Which isn't too bad except another country has the same flag as Romania!! And that flag for Italy looks a lot like the Irish flag... Oh, and look up Monaco and see what countries have similar flags to that! Beary confusing!

Anyhow... that is my collection of flag patches (so far!). Now, where is my backpack...

There we go... hmmm...

Hmmm.... I don't think this is going to work!! I either need bear-sized flag patches... or a way-bigger backpack!! Might just have to put them on Mama's backpack that I ride around in most times anyhow... How many countries have you been to?


  1. Those are great patches Sandy. Maybe your Mom could sew them on a big backpack that you could use to ride in--or hide in wen needed--during your next trip! We try to collect a little pin from our travels to attach to our travel bags that we wear around our shoulders....but, there isn't much room left on those bags!

  2. Oh how brilliant!!! You got loads of patches!!

  3. @Jerry & Ben - Oh, pins are a beary good idea! Although you must have a lot if there's not enough room on your bags!

    @Beanie - Yes! I tried to talk Mama into getting city patches too but she drew the line there... would never have enough room on my backpack for that.

  4. Very true Sandy, there is not much room left on our little travel bags, but I guess we could always change the pins around for each new trip and retire some pins for a little while.

  5. Oh, that's a good idea! Or you could get bigger bags...