Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sandy's Tour of the Backyard

I got outside today!! Yay!!! We have a real backyard in this house but... the yard has been sadly neglected for a beary long time... Longer than I can count. We just bought the house in the spring so it's not our fault...

First off, you'll notice the fence is kind of sad... that's on the big To-Do List! In that big clump of greenery is a Mock Orange, a big old Rhododendron and some blackberry vines. The tree overhanging all of it is a pear tree! I can already see it... La la la la... and a Little Bear in a Pear Tree! Hmmm... doesn't sing as well as the partridge thingie... Anyhow, the tree is loaded with pears but in sad need of pruning.

That green corner also has some of this leafy ground cover... Gout Weed, Bishop's Weed or Snow on the Mountains - any way you call it, it is pretty invasive... 

The rhododendron... apparently did have some flowers while we were gone... but needs a haircut!

Then there is this area... hmmm... we thought this would be great for vegetables as the previous owner grew some vegetables there. But then we saw the old railway ties along the fence line... not a good thing! So, this will become a perennial flower bed with lavender and other interesting plants... Mama says I could really help the cause by weeding this area... uh-huh... right.

This is along the back fence... there is supposed to be a prune plum tree in there (on the neighbour's side of the fence)... but there is this vine growing all over everything!


It's a grape vine!!! Which is better... prune plums or grapes??? Hmmm....

There's a wood shed/storage shed out back but you can hardly see it because of... this thing! (Can you see me in there??)

It's another grape vine... with not as many grapes...

And then along the other side fence is this tree... It's a fruit tree too!

It has plums, regular ones on it... but it needs a haircut too!

And... I know, I know... yet one more fruit tree! We're not exactly sure what these things are... They look like small yellow plums... Mama says I should be the taste-tester to see if they are edible...

Oh... and to top it all off, there's a laurel tree/bush which... guess what... also needs a haircut!

Finally, along the side of the back deck is a sadly neglected area... That grey thing is supposed to be a pond with a waterfall cascading into it. The waterfall piece is actually sitting in the pond and the water is black, black, black! Ooohhh... there  are lots of projects to tackle in this backyard!


  1. I think you're going to be busy....!!

  2. No kidding... the to-do list is getting longer by the second!

  3. There is only one solution: Jerry needs to come visit and to help you garden!

  4. Oooh!!! That is a solution that had not occurred to me!!! Mind you, I would have to find a local honey or berry supply to sweeten the pot of course. How about blackberries??

  5. Blackberries would be good (at least Ben thinks so, Jerry is not so sure, he kind of had a sour smile on his face, you know Jerry and honey...). Ben says if you have some flowers, that will attract bees, so Jerry shouted "Sandy, plant flowers! flowers!!!"

  6. Flowers - great idea!! We have one hydrangea bush out front and that's it for flowers... I'll add that to Mama's list... heh-heh!

  7. Wow, those grapes look mighty good! Tee, hee, I can just see you stomping them to make your own private label wine.

    You do have a lot of projects there to keep you busy. Will you get them all done before the snow flies?

  8. The grapes aren't too bad... a little sour but I hadn't thought of making wine with them! Hmmmmm... wonder how much we need.

    As for projects and that fluffy white stuff from the sky... rumour has it that the west coast doesn't get too much snow in the winter! Nor does it get beary cold... maybe -10 C on a super cold day but usually around the freezing mark... We can grow winter stuff and then harvest carrots from the ground in February! What a thought...