Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Laundry Day

My t-shirt got a little grubby while I was gardening the other day. Mama has resisted doing any of my laundry because she heard from Jerry and Ben that the colours can run but... I can't wear dirty clothes and I definitely can't run around without a shirt! I won't get any service when I go to my favourite coffee shop (no socks, no shoes, no shirt, no service!).

Rather than tossing my t-shirt in with all the regular laundry and risk having it get beat up by the bigger clothes, I thought we could just wash it in the sink... with some gentle detergent!

There it is... so far no colours are running anywhere. Can't tell if they are walking though... A bit of scrubbing and...

It's looking pretty good! At least it's cleaner than when we started.

Now, it's time to go outside! We have a solar and wind powered dryer!!

I forgot to mention this as part of our outdoor marathon. Mama bought a clothesline that you can pull out to 50 feet, or have it be shorter. It's retractable so that is pretty handy. This is the fixed end...

And this is the other end! With a bungee cord around the pear tree branch to soften the whole thing... and a few hooks... it looks good!

This is my towel! I am a little bear but I like to have a BIG towel.

Hey, I'm flying!! Or is it zip-lining??

Hmmm... some Mama's have a sense of humour... Let me down!

But I am distracted... the point of all this was to hang up my t-shirt!

Ta-dah!! Now I just have to wait for it to dry...

Along with everything else!

Oh, and some tea towels too.

Oh, hello!! This is Luna, she is the cat from out behind us. She is beary friendly to humans...

And to little bears too! I can give her a hug and...

She rolls on her back and cuddle me! Luna is a special kitty because she only has one eye. We're not sure what happened to the other one. But she and I hung out in the sun for a while waiting for the laundry to dry.


  1. I've met some friendly cats too!!! Friendly even with mice! They're fun to hang out with!

  2. Oooh... mice-friendly cats!! They do exist, you just have to find them. Kitties are very fun to hang out with!

  3. Sandy,
    My mom doesn't worry about colors running anymore. She uses a laundry product called Shout Color Catchers. You put them in your load of wash and they catch the excess dyes. My mom loves them! Maybe you have them in Canada too? If not, I'm sure you could find them online.

  4. @Buttons - Oh, excellent idea!! I will have to push her to go and look for it. I think she was more concerned my t-shirt would shrink and fit Beanie or Hammie instead of me! But, all was well...

  5. Sandy, you make even laundry into a fun adventure! Only the green color on the white winter sweater ran--we don't recommend washing that except for maybe the product Buttons recommended.

  6. @Jerry & Ben - I is an adventurous little bear after all! I wasn't sure about the green trim on this t-shirt but... it worked OK... and now I smell lemony fresh!

  7. Nice and clean! Perfect to head out on the next adventure!