Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Maritime Bear on Halong Bay

Oh boy... I am going for a boat ride!!! On Halong Bay!! Halong Bay is world famous for its many islands (karst topography) and stunning mountains. And... finally... I get to go! Along with a gazillion other people. Those sure are a of boats...

That boat is just a day trip boat... we aren't doing that... we are going for an overnight trip.

That's our boat!!

Ooohhh... ahhhh... It is like Ninh Binh except in the ocean...

Beary beautiful - even if the blue skies were missing.

This is my cabin and the view out the window.

I get this bed all to myself??? No, not really... but it sure is comfy!

But it's more fun up on deck...

It is so beary beautiful here and the island mountains all look different. 

Of course there are caves here... can you see that one - you can look right through to the other side of the island!

Hmmm... I wonder if people try rock climbing here?

That looks like another cave but it's really just a hollow, not beary deep at all.

We are going to anchor in one of these bays overnight... but I don't think this is the anchor they will use. At least I hope not!

Ohhh... and can you guess what else I got to do on Halong Bay?

I got to go kayaking!!! Wheee!!!! This is super cool because you are right in the water... mind you... it was a little bit wet and I had to get tucked into my plastic bag rain gear.

That's that same cave - you can see through to the other side really well.

That's another kayak from our boat... The kayak trip was super fun but beary tiring for a little bear! I turned in early and left the humans nattering away until late in the night.

Next morning... hmmm... the weather has taken a turn for the worse...

It is bucketing rain out there. Oh well... at least I got to go kayaking yesterday!

We went to see a floating village (in the rain) and a pearl farm (in the rain) and everybody and everything got beary wet, except me of course. I stayed on board (as any sensible bear would do) and watched the soggy humans go out and come back!


  1. Ok Sandy, we do have a tiny complaint to lodge with your mom, we notice that you are not wearing a life jacket. Little bears should always wear a life jacket when boating! Other than that, your photos look great!

  2. Errr... ummm... hmmm... good point! I should have got Mama to get a custom life-jacket made for me while we were in Hoi An! I will have to keep my eye open for a bear-sized life jacket (or even those arm puffy floaters) because I think there is more boating in my future!

  3. Or, your mom could use one of those long, thin balloons that clowns use to make balloon animals, it could wrap around your waist! Jerry thinks, however, that little bears float anyway, so you might be ok.

  4. Oh!! That would be an interesting flotation device for sure! I don't know if little bears float when they get waterlogged though... Better not experiment!