Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Detour!

We left Hanoi one morning and flew to Hong Kong. I was not excited about having a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong waiting for the Vancouver flight but... what can a little bear do?

Wait a minute... we are not staying at the Hong Kong airport?? We are going for a taxi ride!

I wonder where we are going??

Whoa!!! Did you see that sign??

We are at Disneyland!!! Oh my goodness - I am such a lucky little bear!! All the times when I was left in a backpack... all is forgiven!

That's Mickey Mouse!! I wonder who else I might meet here.

Ohhh... a carousel of horses - so pretty! Can I go!! Mama says "no" because my legs are too short... sigh.

But she did let me go to It's a Small World!

We rode a boat through a display of animated figures singing "It's a Small World" in all sorts of languages. This was the North Pole display...

And there's Canada!! Do you see the Mountie?? 

Oh - I want to go here! This place is called Grizzly Gulch- maybe there are some bears here!

Ummm... those look like awfully big bear footprints... maybe I'll just keep a low profile!

There were shops where you could buy the Bear Necessities - ha-hah!

And even a geyser - like at Yellowstone!

Oh... and a roller coaster thingie!! It was called Runaway Mine Cars... that looks like fun!

I even got to go on it but we couldn't take any pictures - suffice to say I screamed as only a little bear can!

This is the Disney Castle!

And these are the Disney Crowds... there were tonnes of people here!

Even though it rained quite a bit... poured actually. Luckily I found another place where we could get out of the rain.

It's a Pooh ride!!

Pooh is my hero... he always finds the honey!

There's a ride here - in honey pots!

Oh boy... of course it was all fake honey but still... it was a beary good ride for a little bear. I hope I didn't leave too much drool behind!

Pooh Corner!!! Really! 

Wow... all sorts of Pooh things!

And a bee hive with honey pouring out!

More honey pots!

Oh... num-num-num!!!

I almost convinced Mama to get me a honey mug but nooo...

My hero!

That was a super great ride and a super great visit to Disneyland! As it got dark though, the rain came down heavier and heavier so we ended up going back early to the airport...

Where Mama ended up drooling over a hot chocolate!

Heh-heh... we were going to get a mug from here when we started the trip - but we ended up getting one from Vietnam! Mugs are heavy though... so no more mugs here... What a great day - and now it's onwards to Canada!


  1. Oh what fun!! Bob will be seriously jealous!!

  2. What a great detour Sandy! We bet your mom enjoyed the stop at Starbucks! Jerry was sure jealous to see the special Poo Bear store and all that honey! Yum!

  3. Did you go on the Pirates ride? That is our favorite!

  4. My goodness Sandy,you are such a lucky little bear!!!
    But tell me is the "It's a small world" tune still going around and round in your head?

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Pirates ride?? There was a pirates ride??? Hmmm... I am giving Mama my best disapproving-little-bear look but she is shaking her head wildly - don't think there was a pirates ride at this one...

    @Buttons - I know - I am a super lucky little bear! But that tune... oh that tune! YES! It kept playing in my head but at at a very high-pitch-squeak... oh dear.