Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Up and Down Waterfalls

I got to go to another waterfall today! This one is called Datanla Waterfall and it is just outside Dalat. Isn't it beautiful??

There was a little cable car there too... but I decided to walk up and down the stairs. There are actually 7 falls here... of which we could only see three.

The third fall was only accessible by... an elevator! Can you believe it??

It too was beary beautiful. Although it is so big that it is hard to see me in the picture.

There I am!

The stream was very peaceful and relaxing below the waterfall... and we even had a picnic (no honey though).

Then it was back up to the second fall..."Going Up!"

And back up to the first fall... and back to the very top. I hiked the whole way!! (In Mama's backpack...)

But that's not the whole story about Datanla... You get from the parking lot to the first waterfall via a Rodelbahn... a sort of bobsleddy thing that goes down a track. The first time we went down, we got a one way trip... and had to hike back up. But after we were back at the top... I convinced Mama to go down again with a return ticket... Wheeeee!!!!!!

And then the sled thingie gets pulled back up again... That's me!!

And then we went down again... and up....

And again!!! That was so much fun!!! But it's best to come around lunch time because otherwise it is beary crowded and you get slow-pokes in front of you... I am a little Mario Andretti and want to go FAST!

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