Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Day in Dalat

Hullo!! It was our last day in Dalat and I made Mama take me to a world-famous site... The Crazy House! I don't think the house is actually crazy although... it is definitely different!

There you go... doesn't that look weird?? The architect studied in Moscow and wanted her creations to look more organic (sort of like trees). It looks like something that might come out of Lord of the Rings...

I wouldn't want to be here at night though... some of those windows look kind of spooky to me!

There are guestrooms there... and this one was called the Bear Suite!!! Those are bees!!! And that bear has a pot of honey... but it was all fake. But... there might be real honey somewhere here.

Whoa... I wandered around here for quite a while and there were so many nooks and crannies to explore... I almost got lost a few times.

Lots of stairs and overhead walkways.. some of them beary narrow...

Bees!!! I am going to try and follow them... see if they can lead me to the honey.

This looks like a honey pot but nooo.... it was just a planter pot. Sigh... No honey at the Crazy House. I am a dejected little bear.

But... our next stop was the Bao Dai Summer Palace, where the royals used to come during the summers. And... there was an elephant (of sorts) there! Isn't that just a perfect size for me!?

I am a Bear Mahout! Giddyup!!!

Then... we wandered through Dalat... and walked by the Paris Hotel...

It even had a fleur-de-lis for its logo. I know someone who likes that!

And finally... we ended up at the reservoir where we got to ride the swam paddle-boats.

This is fun!! I get to navigate while the humans use the foot pedals.

This is the steering wheel but it is a little tough to work for me!

The pedals are far too big for me...

Maybe I'll just watch out front and keep a look-out for dangers like logs or something.

Or hangout on the life buoy out back and giggle madly!

That was really fun!! We even got caught in a rainstorm but I quickly crawled back into Mama's backpack while they pedaled madly and tried to keep dry (without much success). Oh... it pays to be a little bear sometimes!

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