Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tree Chewers

We weren't at the beach today! We went for a hike in the forest...
And I saw something beary strange yet strangely familiar...

It looks like something has chewed away at this tree... Hmmm...

Oh wait... what's that over there!

It's a little chewed tree... and this reminds me of something I saw back in flat-land... It's beavers!! Beavers chop down trees. Although I have to say that big one is a bit ambitious...

And there is the beaver lodge in the background (the mound of sticks in the middle-right part of the picture.


  1. We're not so sure that wood would taste very good...maybe with a little honey on it, maybe...

  2. @Jerry & Ben - I agree... I think maple trees might taste yummy though! Almost as good as honey...

    @Buttons - they sure can! Wonder why the beaver is the symbol of Canada??

  3. Wow, Sandy. We don't have beavers in Australia so it was interesting to see what these guys get up to!

  4. @Emily - Thanks!! You have other creatures down there that we don't have up here... I'd like to go to Australia one day!