Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seaweed by the Seashore

That's better... the tide is way, way, way out today!!! There's always so much more to see when it's like this.

I wonder what I'll find today?

Oh, some red seaweed... this is called... ummm... red seaweed.

Oh and here's some more...

This stuff is like soggy lettuce, so I'll call it Lettuce Seaweed!

Ummm... not sure what this thing is... looks like a branch but not quite.

Oh... and here we have tonnes more seaweed.  Mama says it's a type of Wrack Seaweed... but I really think she's pulling my leg because what sort of a name is that???

And more of this funny stick-like stuff.

Oh and tiny purply-red seaweeds. Did you know people out here gather the seaweed? Some if it they eat and some of it they use for garden fertilizer. Apparently seaweed makes the BEST fertilizer!

Huh... a skinny weird stick-like thing.

Hey - what are they doing?? They look like the three monsters from the blue-lagoon!!

Space aliens? Water aliens??

Nope... snorkellers!! Dressed up in their cold-water wetsuits...

There they go. I wonder if they'll see the sea ameno... aneom... those things... under the water??

I wish I could go snorkelling too!!

Here we have some little turban seashells

And a huge pile of driftwood.

And... what the heck?? More of that funny stick-like stuff...
But it's not a stick! It's a huge, huge, long thingie of... something.

There we go! It's bull kelp... they attach to the bottom with the skinny end and then they have a bigger bulb with long leaves that floats near the surface of the water... Ummm... let me find a picture off the web...
That's them...

Anyhow... that concludes our tour of the seaweed by the seashore!


  1. Great pictures. Now I want to make a trip to the beach!

  2. We're so beary jealous that you have nice weather! We yell at the snow every day to melt!

  3. @Sullivan - The beach is always a fun place to go!

    @Jerry & Ben - Snow can be beary stubborn... I used to try shining a flashlight on it to make it think the sun was out... didn't work very well!

  4. A flashlight is a really good idea! We're just glad that it's all gone now, which means gardening seasons is not far off!

  5. Oooh... gardening!! You have to plant lots of flowers to lure the bees into your garden!