Friday, March 8, 2013

Rock Pictures

We went to the big island!! Yay!! Mama said we were going on a honey foraging expedition. But first we stopped at a cool park.

Mama says that Petro-glyphs are rock engravings or rock pictures. They are beary old!
 This one is of a couple of sea wolves - not sure what those are.

And there was a blank wall that was fun to try and climb. I kept sliding down!

And then there was this picture - this one and the sea wolf one are casts made from the originals.

 This is an original one. Can you see it??

I think it is this one - but even the scientists don't know if it's supposed to be a bird or a deer... maybe a dinosaur?

Some of them are beary hard to see - all covered with moss and pine needles. You can sort of see another one.
Hmmm... beary interesting... but what was even more interesting...

Green leaves!!! Yay!!!! Spring must be almost here!!


  1. We're glad you didn't bring your crayons Sandy and try to add to the pictures, they might not like that very much! hehe Did you see any pictures of bears?

  2. Oooh... that would have been fun on that big cliff that I kept sliding down! No pictures of bears... or at least none that I could recognize! Some of the pictures were a tad funky.

  3. Nice drawings! We love simple old drawings like that! And YEAH! for green new leaves!!!! :-)

  4. @Hammie - Spring is here!! The birds are getting flirty with each other!

  5. We got snow during the time we were sleeping :-(! Now all the little springflowers and new little green new leaves are in the snow... Hope they will survive.... Perhaps we have to perform a spring/sun dance?

  6. @Hammie - Snow!!! Oh dear... well the snowdrops (schneegloeckchen) should be good! A Hammie Spring Dance might help though!