Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mail Call!

I got some mail!
This card is from Beanie Mouse - it is beary interesting because it is Mail Art!

 There are stamps from Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland and England on this card!! Cool!!! Thanks Beanie!

And there was the long-lost Christmas card from Buttons. It got mailed to our home address, but we had a bunch of mail come out to us... and there it was.

A beary nice card with some bears on the front...

And Buttons' Mama made some tree ornaments from me! That is a super cute snowflake and a cute little bear. I can't wait for Christmas again!


  1. Beary nice mail! You didn't happen to receive any extra jars of honey in that mail did you Sandy? Jerry wanted to know...


  2. OOh, we love your new main photo too! We like the boat peaking around the corner, and Sandy your boots look beary warm!

  3. So glad my Christmas card finally caught up to you. Sorry about the mix-up.

  4. @Jerry & Ben - Nope, no honey in that envelope! Although it did smell a bit like honey... maybe Buttons had honey for lunch when he licked the envelope!

    I like the new header photo too... my boots keep my feet toasty warm!

    @Buttons - That's OK... I love getting mail no matter what time of year - it was like having Christmas in January!