Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Flying Saucers

Happy New Year!!

I got out for another walk... which is beary nice after so many days being cooped up inside over Christmas!
We found some trails going through a forest near town - with a little creek and big tall trees.

There were even some tree carvings... ooh... monster!

But then we found some beary strange things... metal pipes hanging from the trees...

What could they be??? I had no idea until...

I saw this sign... "Entering Disc Golf Course - Be Aware of Flying Discs"... Disc Golf??? What the heck is that!?

Mama says disc golf is like real golf except played with a disc... aka a frisbee! This is a map of the "golf" course. The metal pipes are the targets... and the idea is to see how many throws it takes to get your frisbee to each of the targets. It's an 18 "hole" course!

This is a more traditional disc golf target... but they only use this one for target practice.... I hope no one is going to throw a frisbee at me!

We all got beary excited and headed off to the store to buy frisbees... there's one!! But then...

We saw this... a whole two shelves of actual disc golf discs... who knew that they existed!!

And a chart that maps out the different discs, how fast they go, how far they go, how much the bear to the left, how soon before they "fade"... OY!!!

And a competition manual....

And a calendar!!

And disks that cost $22 each... There were Driving discs and Fairway discs and Putting discs and... too many to count... after much deliberation and searching Mama and her partner settled on two $10 putting discs...

We had a lot of fun and I fell over laughing so many times... They were throwing the disc behind them... to the side... and sometimes managing to throw it 20 feet from them! It took a while... and sometimes the discs ended up in the bog (water trap) or in the bush (sand trap)... I got to go and rescue it a few times! Lots of fun!!!


  1. We're never tried ultimate frisbee, but we do like to throw the frisbee in the summer, but as soon as Jerry spots a bee, he's done and off looking for honey.

  2. @Jerry & Ben - Hmmm... that would make playing a game a bit challenging if one of the players is always wandering off after bees! If I were there, then Ben & I could play the game, Jerry could forage for honey, and Ben & I could eat it!! Heh-heh!

  3. Hehe! I like how you think Sandy! --Ben

  4. Well, I do get some good ideas some times. (Buffs claws on sweater nonchalantly and then blows on them.)