Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mail Call!

I got some mail!
This card is from Beanie Mouse - it is beary interesting because it is Mail Art!

 There are stamps from Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland and England on this card!! Cool!!! Thanks Beanie!

And there was the long-lost Christmas card from Buttons. It got mailed to our home address, but we had a bunch of mail come out to us... and there it was.

A beary nice card with some bears on the front...

And Buttons' Mama made some tree ornaments from me! That is a super cute snowflake and a cute little bear. I can't wait for Christmas again!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sandy's First Silent Movie

Oooohhh... when we went to the seashore the other day, Mama took a video of me! Well, several videos, one of which we've already posted.

But then there was this one... you can hear the waves really well, so I had to be super quiet as Mama said people want to hear the waves, not a little bear chattering away in excitement! But... I did convince her to add some text... Maybe one day I'll go from silent movies to talkies!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water Diamonds

It is raining again today... but yesterday... yesterday was sunny!!! And warm! It was 6C outside... practically t-shirt weather!

And we got to go on an outing too! I insisted on taking off my jacket and wandering around in my t-shirt... it was so nice to feel the sun on my fur! And there is even some green grass.

We went to a shoreline park which doesn't have much of a beach - but it was still beautiful.

I happily plonked myself down on the rocks and watched the world go by.

There were some cute ducks. This one is funny because it has a white spot on its head that looks like an eye... but isn't an eye!

And then I noticed that the sun was making water diamonds on the water - they were beary beautiful. We even got a video of them too...

Aren't those water diamonds beautiful!!

A great day at the seashore.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rock Climbing

I got to go to the beach again today!!

It was nice and sunny out but not very warm. Time to bundle up in my parka again.

If you squint your eyes, you could almost imagine that I am sitting on a tropical beach! Maybe...

 There are lots of broken seashells on this beach, but nothing to take home to my collection.

 But there are some rock cliffs... so I got to practice my rock climbing skills...

 Trick number one - never look down!!

 Don't look down...

 Ooh... gotta squish down here... don't look over the edge!

 Whew!! Made it to this point!

Oh, and up behind me... that house (which is beary expensive) belongs to a Bloomingdales heiress... or so islander rumour has it...

 But I'm not interested in that... I want to get down there!

 Ah... there we go... a perfect seat in the sun withe the water lapping at the shore.

It's very peaceful by the ocean today...

Another great day at the beach... I wonder what my next adventure will be? I think it's time for some forest walks!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Surfing the Rock Waves

I went on an adventure over the weekend! We had to get up super duper early - like 4:30 am. I just blinked a bit and let Mama pack me into her backpack. One of the benefits of being a little bear. By the time I woke up, we had already had a little ferry ride, a car ride, some hot chocolate time and were getting on another ferry!

This painted electrical box was a good "stretch-my-legs" break as we waited for the next ferry.

And this is the back of it!

There it is!! We are going to that island in the background. I'm not sure why we left our island to go to another island... but then people are beary strange!

This island is beautiful too - just like our island.

There are great viewpoints for little bears.

And sea birds poking around on the rocks. I would have gone closer except the rocks were slimy with algae and I might have slipped and gotten wet and dirty and gloppy!

You can see the big ferries from this island too... Mama was trying to take a photograph with both me and the boat in focus... but... it didn't work. Either the ferry was in focus and I was out of focus (above)...

Or, I was in focus and the ferry was out of focus... It could look like I'm going to catch the ferry!

So far this island is a lot like our island but... here we have something different! The sandstone along the shoreline has eroded to look like a wave curling over... beary cool!

And a perfect place for a little bear to explore.

Oh look, honeycomb rocks - I've seen these before!

Oh, this is cool!! I can get all scrunched up and stick upside down in the rock hollows! "Look Mama, no paws!!"

Just hanging around by one paw (and a bit of one butt cheek)!

 Oooh... I could play hide-and-seek here...

This place looks a bit like toe prints or a bear claw or something!

 Whew - that was great fun! And to cap it off... I found a penny!

It's from 1953... that's... let me see... that's 60 years old!

Oh... and we also stopped to take pictures of this Yogi rock... it has a broom and a hoe sticking out of it... not sure why!

And a distant view of a lighthouse on a little island and the North Shore mountains on the mainland.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

PS from Vancouver

Ooops... I knew I had one last adventure in Vancouver! Mama said the photos vanished but... what really happened was that these pictures in the camera were numbered 9997-9999 and the other Vancouver pictures started over again at 0001 and well... anyhow... we found them!

 So, I was walking down the sidewalk minding my own business and observing things in my sight line-  which is about 8 inches high... and I saw this little pink thing on the ground. Do you see it?? It looked like a flower - and when I looked up... well...

Look at this - rhododendrons in January!!! Aren't they awesome!! If I didn't know better I would think I was somewhere tropical.

Dahlias in November... Roses in December and Rhododendrons in January - cool!

Friday, January 18, 2013

An afternoon at the beach

I am off on an adventure today with Mama but need to post something first! This is from our adventure yesterday... We went to the beach!

 It was kind of windy and wavy.

 This beach was different in that most of it was made up of seashells and broken seashells.

This one is a limpet.

 This one is a bivalve/clam.

 This one is a broken bivalve...

 There's lots to do at the beach! I played in some driftwood logs.
And scampered around on some rocks to get a better view.

And said hello to the barnacles. I had to be careful walking on them because they are beary sharp and could have torn a hole in my boots... or pants... or jacket!

Oh, and someone had made a little inukshuk. I didn't touch it or even breathe on it because it looked beary precarious!