Monday, December 31, 2012

Sandy's 2012 - Year in Review

Yesterday, I saw that Beanie Mouse had done a Review of the Year for 2012... and that seemed like a beary good idea... so I've selected a few pictures from the year to do my own Year in Review.

January 2012
I had a lot of fun playing in the snow and on the ice! Tried my paw at hockey and admitted that I was not great on the ice... not a Wayne Gretzky here!

February 2012

In February, I got to go to London for a week! My first international trip - saw Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Tower of London. The weather was beary warm and quite a change from Canada!

March 2012

In March, I began to wonder about global warming because all of the snow and ice started to melt!! You have to remember, I was still a beary young bear back then (only hatched in November 2011) so... winter was the only season that I knew!

April 2012
Mother Nature played jokes in April... just when I thought the weather was getting warmer and the snow was melting... it started to snow HUGE snowflakes... I wasn't outside for 15 seconds before I looked like that!

May 2012
In May, spring was really here - flowers were blooming! I was having fun with all my adventures and posting them online, but didn't have any friends. Then I discovered Jerry & Ben and their blog... and then Beanie Mouse, Hammie Hamster, Buttons BeCause, Bob T. Bear esq, Sullivan McPig and a few others!!! From the USA and Holland the UK... yay!!!

June 2012
In June, I travelled a bit and explored a lot of new flowers!! I also started to get mail from my new stuffie blogger pals. This card was from Jerry & Ben!

July 2012
In July, we got ready to pack and move. Apparently there is a Great Adventure coming for us in 2013. I helped with Garage Sales and packing and moving and unpacking! Whew!

August 2012

In August Beanie Mouse hosted the 2012 Bear Olympics... it was a tonne of fun and a whole bunch of bears and not-a-bears entered events and won cool prizes!

August 2012

Also in August, I went to London (England) and Berlin (Germany). I got to meet Beanie Mouse for real. We had fun at Brighton Pier paying the tuppence slot-machines... and winning cool prizes. Beanie is the first blogger/stuffie friend that I have met!

September 2012
In September, I got to go to the Rocky Mountains and do some hiking. It was beary beautiful. I actually went through the Rockies quite a few times in 2012... but didn't always stop to enjoy the scenery.

October 2012

In October... it was off to Akumal Beach Resort on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. We went for two weeks and it was amazing! Except for me not having a pair of swimming trunks... or even a beach outfit! I went in my parka, snow boots, mukluks and winter hat... hot! Luckily our room was air-conditioned...

November 2012

November was the start of our grand adventure... we went to stay on an island between Vancouver & Vancouver Island. The cottage where we are staying even has a little bear door - just for me!!! This door is beary beautiful!
December 2012
I spent a lot of time wandering the beaches in December and finding all sorts of interesting things. This was a star fish who had gone bottoms up... so I helped turn him over and he was fine once he got in the water!

That was my year... in a nutshell... I had a tonne of fun and can't wait to see what adventures 2013 will bring. Maybe I'll meet other stuffie/blogger friends!


  1. Great year in review Sandy; you had some beary nice adventures. We're so glad that you're our pal! Jerry and Ben

  2. Thanks guys! I'm so glad that I have both of you as my pals! Maybe we'll actually meet in 2013.

  3. What fun!!! You did a lot in 2012!!