Monday, December 3, 2012

Parcel Call!

There was something exciting in the mailbox today!! A tag from Canada Post which means... there's a parcel at the post office! Sandy isn't too interested in this parcel though as it is addressed to Mama... boring...
 He decides to just stay home and read his book... Apparently people learn very important things in Kindergarten and Sandy has never been there... so he needs to learn everything that he really needs to know!
When Mama came home, the parcel looked like any other parcel... addressed to Mama... except...
 Sandy notices that on the very bottom of the address label... there is a tiny drawing of two little bears...
 Hey!! That parcel is from Jerry & Ben!!! Now Sandy is beary interested! What are Jerry & Ben doing sending something to Mama?
 Sandy wants to help unpack the parcel now...
 Mama isn't sure that this is such a good idea... but the first thing that Sandy sees is a packet of Hot Cocoa for Mama... Oh... maybe this parcel is for Mama after all... Thanks Jerry & Ben!!!
And then Mama tried to cover up the other stuff in the parcel but Sandy did get a glimpse!! Ohhh... there is something blue in there...
 And a big orange "H"! Mama says that this is for Christmas and Sandy can't look!!
 Grumble, grumble... Sandy heads back to his book... he has some ideas as to what that stuff could be but he's going to be a good little bear and keep his nose out of that box!


  1. Yeah, so glad the parcel arrived! We hope your Mom enjoys the hot chocolate Sandy; we know that they're aren't too many Starbucks near where you right now. You'll just have to wait on the other goodies for Christmas! It's waiting beary difficult!!!

  2. Another Sherlock Sandy adventure: The Case of the Mysterious Present.


  3. It's important to be good this time of year, or Santa Paws finds out. Beary frustrating. (-:3 0

  4. @Jerry & Ben - Waiting is beary difficult... but I am working on my patience!

    @Teddy Bear Family - Beary good point!! I will have to stay out of mud puddles and be extra good!