Thursday, December 6, 2012

One More Christmas Letter

While Sandy was writing his Christmas cards last night, a commercial came on the television. Sandy didn't really pay any attention to it... but it stuck in his memory... and this morning it went off like a little lightbulb...

   Write to Santa!!   

Oooohhhh... Sandy got beary starry-eyed while Mama just rolled her eyes...
 With a scamper and a hop, Sandy was at the computer checking out the Canada Post website...

There it is!!! You can write to Santa and he'll write back! But is it really Santa who writes back???

Yup, there he is... with a big bag of mail next to him! It's the real Santa!!

Sandy is ready to go... he's in the Christmas letter writing mood and figures that Santa has never gotten a card from a little bear before!

It looks really easy... The address is super simple and Sandy has one more Canadian stamp left over...

Even when Mama pointed out that the website said "Santa loves getting letters from children all over the world"... Sandy was oblivious... Plus he had some leftover Christmas cards so... who better to send one too!

 It took Sandy quite a while, but he wrote the letter all by himself...

 And got Mama to address it so the address would be super clear... Now it's just a waiting game!


  1. That is a beary good letter Sandy! It reminds us that we have to write our letter to Santa too. Jerry always asks for honey, while Ben usually asks for some cooking gadgets because he likes to help bake. Do you open your Christmas gifts on Christmas eve or on Christmas day? We hope Santa brings you some honey, and some nice hot chocolate to your Mom!

  2. I had to ask Mama when we open our gifts because I was just a baby bear last year and don't remember! Mama says that I can open my presents on Christmas Eve!! When do you guys open yours?? By the way - love your new blog header picture! You both look very dapper! Is that a real moustache??

  3. Haha, no, Ben's moustache is just a fake one; he says it itches a little. We usually open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, mainly because Jerry is so excited and can't wait. He's always lifting up the corner of some of the gift wrap to try and peak inside, so this year Ben glued down all of the ends so that there can be no peeking. Santa also brings us some small treats for our Christmas stockings on Christmas Day; we always share them with our puppy Boo (even the chocolate, since our dog doesn't get sick from chocolate).

  4. Oh, I hadn't thought of sneaking a look in the presents! That's a great idea! I had just thought I would hunt through the house looking for hiding spots!