Sunday, December 30, 2012

Of Sheep & Bees...

I saw some sheeps today!! A whole herd of them! Wait-a-minute... Mama is peering over my shoulder and says that the plural of sheep is sheep... I don't understand grammar very well...
Goose=Geese and Moose=Moose (not Meese)
Mouse=Mice and Houses=Houses (not Hice)
Heap=Heaps and Sheep=Sheep (not Sheeps)
sigh... Oh and apparently it's a flock of sheep not a herd of sheep.... grumble grumble

 Anyhow!! We saw a flock of sheep today!! Aren't they cute... and there was even a black sheep in the family! With a white stripe on his head...

They didn't like the sight of me beary much and trotted off as soon as I popped over the fence...

They sure can move quickly. I wonder if the black sheep gets into lots of trouble all the time??

Oh, the sheep didn't get very far because the three sheep dogs came by with the shepherd to herd (flock) them into the next pasture! They were beary good sheep dogs - Border Collies - and it looked like they really enjoyed their work. It was fun to watch them but I kept a low profile because they might see me as a threat to their flock!

Afterwards, we went to have a cup of hot chocolate and found...

Bees!! Massive, huge, ginormous, mammoth bees!

They were big enough to carry me away!! If they had been real - which they weren't... but for a moment there, my heart did a little pitter-patter as I tried to decide if I should scamper behind Mama's legs or run towards them crying "honey!!"...

I don't know if you can see it on the wall - but there are some words there - they form a question:
"Why are bees so important to our planet?"
What do you think? I think it's because without bees, little bears would die of honey-deprivation! (Although Mama says there are other reasons...)


  1. I wonder about the house houses too.
    And bees are important because they can predict weather I'm told. If they stay inside you know it's going to rain.

  2. Wow, that is one giant bee! Jerry is very interested isn bees, so he says they must have a huge honey hive, which of course means lots of honey!

    It's so green there! We have lots of snow and cold!

  3. @Sullivan - Bees can predict weather?? I didn't know that... no wonder I don't see too many here - it's always raining!

    @Jerry & Ben - There could be a huge hive somewhere... but we'd need several bears to explore for it! Yes, very green... not missing the snow too much!