Friday, December 21, 2012

Left Behind

Well, if you are reading this, the world hasn't ended!! Yay!! Let's have a winter solstice party! Sandy isn't quite in the mood for one though. It turns out that Mama went to Vancouver for a couple of days earlier in the week and left Sandy at home. Can you believe it?? Sandy couldn't quite believe it... especially when he heard about Mama's adventures in the big city.
Wednesday morning... snow in Vancouver!! Which little bear has been craving snow for weeks now?? Yes, Sandy Bear... and where is he... back on the green isle.

Look... enough snow to make a snow person (or bear!).

And Sandy was most unhappy when he saw that Mama had been to a little bear store! With outfits!! But those little bears were way bigger than Sandy so... the clothes wouldn't have fit anyhow... plus hockey isn't happening this season - so no point in getting a hockey jersey.

 Mama tried to downplay the excitement of Vancouver by pointing out some dangers... like rampaging racoons!! There were three of them... but only two stuck around for a photograph of their glowy eyes.
There was a tonne of sloppy wet snow and Sandy's puffy green coat would have been soaked within 5 minutes! Not to mention his beautiful winter boots would have had double soakers...

Because when Mama tried to get back home... well... let's just say Vancouver does not cope well with snow... Nine hours to take a bus, the Skytrain, another bus and a ferry... and Mama did get a double soaker going through this flooded sidewalk!

And then there were 100 km/h (ummm... 60 mph) winds on the strait so the ferry ride was very tumultuous. Mama ended up contemplating the sea sickness bag for a good 45 minutes before things calmed down. After hearing all that, Sandy was kind of glad that he had the sense to stay home!!

Plus, he got mail while Mama was away... this is a card from Beanie with cute mouse stickers.

And a beautiful stamped card - Thanks Beanie!

 Oh, and a card from Jerry & Ben... they are sharing a typical winter bear greeting - Ho Ho Ho (short for Honey, Honey and more Honey) - yum!!
Jerry and Ben always draw a tiny picture of themselves on their cards (or envelopes)... but Sandy can't tell who is who from the drawings... He thinks Ben wouldn't be caught dead wearing a Santa hat, so that one must be Jerry (heh-heh)!


  1. That is one nice snow bear Sandy! We're glad you got the card! We hadn't thought of Honey, Honey, Honey, hehe. You're right about the Santa hat; Jerry is usually the one goofing around. Joyeux Noël!!!

  2. Is it a snow bear? I guess it could be... if you squint your eyes and turn your head a bit. Frohes Weihnachten!

  3. Hehe, well, we think it looks nice...maybe if you put a little jar of honey next to it!

  4. The racoons might make off with the honey... I think I'd have to be standing next to the snow bear to guard the honey... Jerry could come and help!

  5. Jerry adds that the honey jar to add to your snow bear would of course be empty, because he and Sandy and Ben would first eat all of the honey before setting the jar outside. "Gud eyedeea" says Ben.

  6. Well of course we would! Silly me to think that any honey jar left around bears would have even a lick of honey in it!