Monday, November 5, 2012

Sabba-tickle Talk - Part 2

Well... we are back home and the weather is... different from Mexico.
 And Sandy is, once again, very well dressed for the weather! And the Canada Geese are still flying south, but they won't stop long enough to take a message to Jerry & Ben!
Mama decides that now would be the time to have the second talk with Sandy about this Sabba-tickle year... He is very relaxed after his Mexico trip so Mama figures he can hear the whole thing...

We are going to spend 5 months on one of the Gulf Islands on the West Coast and Mama is going to do some writing and Sandy is going to have many adventures! (Mama is going to send postal addresses to Sandy's friends via email).

Then, we are going to travel to southeast Asia for 3 months where everyone will have a tonne of adventures!

And then... we will drive across Canada (from west to east) and maybe, do a little detour south of the border to see Sandy's friends Jerry, Ben & Buttons if they are around. Whew!!
Sandy sits down and, while beary excited, has decided to put his little foot/paw down on the issue of clothing. It is high time that he got a new outfit!! That is his Christmas wish... at least two new outfits... one of which has to be a warm weather outfit! With a bit of searching, Mama has come up with a few options for warm weather duds....

 Option 1 - Hawaii Outfit

That would definitely be better for a hot weather climate!
 Option 2 - Beach Outfit

This outfit has flip-flops which are good on the beach...

Sandy thinks this looks like Jake's outfit! (Cousin of Jerry and Ben)
 Option 3 - Run-around Town Outfit

This looks like a good all-purpose outfit - much better than a fluffy coat and wooly hat & boots!
 Option 4 - Courier Outfit

This one has a cute bag for carrying a laptop and it comes with sneakers as well.

Outfit 5 - Camping Outfit

This one has a cute hoodie jacket... A good outfit for hiking and camping!

Any favourites?? Any votes for Sandy's 2013 warm weather outfit?
Because where Sandy is going.... there won't be any snow-men... or any need for a parka and boots! And the 2012 Winter fashion outfit for little bears is... well... not appropriate for any sort of sunny adventures!


  1. Ohh! You definitely need a beach outfit (for warm and sunny places like Mexico and maybe Asia) and the courier outfit would be grade because you can put stamps, a little pencil, sunscreen, and a tiny jar of honey in the bag!

    Sounds like such an exciting adventure!!

  2. The courier outfit would be good for hiking too! I could have my bug spray in there too!

    I like the blue beach outfit a lot... but Mama says the Hawaii one is much cheaper... decisions, decisions...

  3. Hehe, we might order the Hawaii outfit, so just let us know!

    1. My people will talk to your people and make arrangements!

  4. I like the bear flip flops! They are cute!

  5. @Hammie - they are cute aren't they! That was one of my favourite outfits!