Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mystery on the Seashore

Sandy is totally enjoying being so close to the seashore! There are all sorts of fun things to do... especially when the tide is coming in.
Go and stand on a rock at low tide and within a little while... it's no longer low tide and the rock becomes an island (a teeny-tiny island)!
Sandy scampers along the beach and stops just before stepping into a pile of... goo? Slime??? What is this?? It looks like a big blob of spit! Maybe it's from a sea monster?? Ooohhh... that would be exciting!
And here's another one... except this one is blood red... hmmm... maybe the sea monster is wounded??? Mmm.... maybe it's time to leave the beach?
 But before Sandy can scamper off... Mama has a closer look and says it is not the remains of a wounded sea monster but rather a jellyfish! Which might classify as a sea monster in some areas... if it is big enough and dangerous enough!
Well... that was quite the experience. Now Sandy wants to just enjoy the view and not think about beached jellyfish. This is an arbutus tree... they are beary beautiful!
And this is a perfect spot for a little bear to sit!
Quite the adventure on the seashore! And just after this photo was taken, Sandy decided to fall backwards and landed splat with his hat in the water... sigh... some little bears!


  1. Oh!! I've fallen over sometimes too - but never into water!!!

  2. Maybe you'll see the Loch Ness Sea Monster Sandy! Just don't try to shake his hand, cause he might like little bears for a pre-diner snack!

  3. @Sullivan - thanks! I tell Mama which ones to put in!

    @Beanie - Yes well... I am an adventurous bear... always standing on the edge (of water or cliffs)... it's amazing more disasters haven't happened!

    @Jerry & Ben - No... the Loch Ness monster doesn't like little bears... he eats Haggis!! hah-hah!!