Thursday, November 22, 2012


Let me see... Thanksgiving usually has a cornucopia... but we don't have one... so this will have to do!
1. Grateful for a year of adventures.

2. Grateful for all the new blog pals that I made and the fact that I got to meet one of them for real (Beanie) and got mail from the rest!

3. Grateful for living in a great country with great neighbours.

4. Grateful for a Mama who takes me on all sorts of adventures.

5. Grateful for Gramma who fixed my pants super-good.

6. Grateful for mail - post cards, letters, cards, packets, packages, parcels - doesn't matter, grateful for any bit of it!

7. Grateful for a warm wood fire on a cold, power-failed night.

8. Grateful for an injury free year - no serious falls, no guts spilled, no rips, no tears (except for the pants of course).

9. Grateful for the freedom to travel!

10. Grateful for... fresh air and sunshine and green trees and blue water and eagles soaring and fish jumping and deer leaping and cougars running!


  1. What a beary, beary nice list Sandy!!!

  2. Thanks! Thanks to Beanie for the inspiration.

  3. I like making "Happy" lists...!!! Yours is good, too!

  4. @Beanie - A "Happy" List... what a great name!