Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go West!!

So, it wasn't quite as quick as, arrive back from Mexico and leave a day later... but pretty close! Sandy kept his head down as the boxes were being packed and the truck was being loaded... and then came out to supervise the final product.
Holy-moly... that is one stuffed vehicle! But is there any room for a little bear??

 Sandy is all excited because he sees that the passenger seat is empty... he can ride shot-gun and be a navigator! But no... the passenger seat is taken... so....
 Sandy is a bit squished in there, but at least he has a great view! The ride is beary long... with fog and rain and more fog and a bit of snow and Sandy is beginning to wonder if we will ever arrive! But we do... and he is shocked!
 Look at this! There is no snow on the ground! In fact, it is still Fall here!
 And the grass is still green! What is going on??? Well, this is called Vancouver and West Coast Weather - definitely not the same as back home. Sandy is getting a bit seasonally challenged... summer in Mexico, winter at home, fall here in Vancouver... what next! And is it really Fall?
Ah yes... a good indicator of the season! Sandy likes the big pumpkin... but is a bit scared of it too! Mind you, the little one has quite an array of teeth as well! That is all for this part of the trip... tomorrow it is off to the island!


  1. Oh gosh Sandy! Hope you had some time to relax and take a nap in the car while your Mom was driving! You must be tired from all the traveling, but what fun!

  2. Beary tired from all the driving... there was one exciting part near Kamloops where we lost count of the bald eagles along the river! Must be salmon season...