Sunday, November 4, 2012

Farewell Towel Animals

One thing Sandy likes about the maid service in his room is that the maid leaves beautiful towel sculptures everyday!
 Here's a swan...
 And a fishie of some sort...
 A turtle!! We saw lots of those under the water...
 And a brontosaurus dinosaur...
 A handbag...
And a big flower! They made coming back to the room a real adventure! But now it's time to head home... sigh...
A long bus ride to the airport, standing in a lot of line-ups and finally at the gate area... where there is a little shop with a scary guy...
 But they also sold sombearos!!
This one is a bit bigger than Sandy's but not the right size either... ah well... Bye bye Mexico!


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time Sandy! We sure did enjoy seeing your photos! Now we just need a photo of you and Jerry both wearing som-bear-os!

    We think the towel of "fish" is supposed to be a turtle!

  2. Thanks guys! We could have a Mexican party! Although Mama says guacamole is not allowed as she had way too much of that in Mexico!

  3. Mexico party, olé! Papa says marg-bear-itas and chips and salsa are always hummy! But what is a marg-bear-ita? He says it's a drink only for grown-ups.

  4. Grown-ups have the funniest drinks sometimes!