Friday, November 23, 2012

City by the Sea

Oh... we were up beary early this morning. Sandy knows that early-rising usually means an adventure is in the works, and this morning was no exception. We were off to... the ferry!
 We had already been on the ferry for an hour before Mama could get a non-black picture of Sandy outside! (Beary early... hmm... maybe that could be "bearly"... heh-heh!)
 We packed a breakfast and everything... Mama read a book and Sandy mulled over the ending of Life of Pi (which he finished the other day)... it ended very weirdly and he is trying to figure out which ending is the "real" ending...
 Oh... have to take a walk outside and see where we are at... more than half way there! And then there was a bus ride and a skytrain ride and... finally...
Vancouver!! Ooohh... it is a beary pretty city! It's got a lot of water around it...
Which means a lot of boats... which are pretty too.
 There are also interesting sculptures that make for interesting pictures.
We're not sure what this one is supposed to be... but it does draw the eye.
Especially the eye of a little bear... who can see himself in the polished metal surface.
And it makes a good seat for a little bear... who hears something beary strange behind him.

Oh my goodness... Canadian Tourists!!  Tonnes of them!! And oh so very close They aren't even scared by a little bear, being far too focused on eating grass. None of them paid any attention to Sandy or his questions about "down south"...
 They just wanted to eat... and eat... and eat! Maybe they hibernate like bears??
And then it was time to head "home" for the evening... but not without stopping to take a picture of a funky tree.


  1. Vancouver! We've always wanted to go there! You're so lucky Sandy! Those tourists are eating to store energy up for their long flights! We see SO many of there here.

  2. It's a beautiful city! Although I think I need to get a pair of rubber boots...

  3. Looks like you had a great time. You are the most well traveled bear I know.

    I'm still trying to get mom to post my travels from October. She is so behind on things. :( Maybe before Christmas...

  4. @Buttons - Oh yes... tell your mom that you have fans who are waiting patiently to see your adventures!