Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bearthday Picnic

A few days ago, on Sandy's birthday, he made a wish that he could go on a picnic by the seashore. So... here we go!
It was a gorgeous day for a picnic and the sea was beary nice and calm. Sandy was so excited! Mama had packed all sorts of things in the picnic cooler...
 And Sandy couldn't wait to see if there was some honey in there... amongst all the picnic chicken, crackers,veggies and fruit!
 Everybody was too busy eating the picnic lunch to remember to take pictures of the spread! Ooops... Beanie Mouse is always so good at taking pictures of the food that he eats... but Sandy tends to just dive right in and forgets about the camera entirely... ah well...
 This was a beary rocky coastline... no beachcombing here... although Sandy did see a sea lion out in the bay!
 There is a weird tree here called an arbutus tree. It only grows near the coastline and is an evergreen... which means it doesn't lose its leaves in the winter. But it has leaves that look deciduous... so it is a broad-leaved evergreen!
 The trunk of the arbutus is beary cool because the bark is always peeling off and the trunk is usually nice and smooth and a beautiful orangy-red colour.
 This part of the tree is actually dying (it isn't red anymore)... but it had something on it that looked suspiciously like "OOO"... ooooh said Sandy! Or it could be "OQO"... Sandy is going to call it the donut tree because they look like honey-dip donuts to him!
 Oh, and this tree has a big hole in it... not big enough for a little bear... but big enough for some treasure!! There is so much to explore at the seashore... and Sandy can't wait to go to a beachy-seashore where he can hunt for seashells and stuff!


  1. Donut tree, yum! But we bet it would be so good to taste!

  2. Looks like a fun outing, Sandy! *Love* your furry hat and parka :)

  3. @Feronia - thanks! It was a great day. I love my hat and parka too... except when we were in Mexico... then it was too hot!

  4. You could wear a little sombrero in Mexico!

  5. @Feronia - Good idea! Provides a bit of shade from the scorching sun!