Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Always read Signs First!

Today, Sandy found an amazing old barn complex! It looked like a great place for a little bear to explore... and maybe play hide and seek!
 Somebody had cut down a bunch of trees around the barn. It must have been pretty hidden in the trees before.
 Great view from the windows!! And a good thin there is no glass left in the window frames... otherwise a little bear might tear his pants on broken glass.
 Oooh... it is kind of dark in there... maybe it was a milk cow barn at some point??
 Oh hey... there's a ladder too... but it's missing a few rungs so Mama thinks Sandy should get his little bum back down on the ground.
 And there's even a little-bear swing to play on... wheeee!!!

Uh-oh... what's this??? Hmmm... buildings closed for restoration?? But they're open!!
 Double-uh-oh... Sandy is most definitely not "authorized" personnel... so he should scamper off pretty quick! Mind you, there were other people exploring the old barn too but... that doesn't mean anything!
 So Sandy wandered around the old farm property (which is a park)... this old gate looks like it has seen better days.
 And there is this amazing old oak tree with branches reaching almost to the ground! It would be a great place to hide out in the summer when there are leaves on the branches.
 And have you noticed how green it is here?? In most places the grass is dead and dying but there are some new shoots popping up here and there... spring in November??? Sandy is beary confused about seasons here on the coast!
And when we got home... there were two eagles in the eagle-tree!! Maybe they came from Jerry & Ben??? Maybe they delivered some mail for Sandy!!!


  1. Wow what an awesome photo of the Eagles. You must have a great zoom on your camera.

    Signs are important Sandy.

  2. Yeah! We hope those 2 bald eagles delivered our package and card! We them them a while ago...gosh, those eagles sure do take their time! But Beanie says that British mail is really slow too, so maybe we shouldn't complain too much.

  3. @Buttons - Mama does try but her camera is not the greatest, but it does OK. Signs are beary important... and reading signs is even more important!!

    @Jerry & Ben - Maybe those eagles had a headwind? And remember, the Canadian postal system is probably modeled on the British system!

  4. Hehe. Well, we think his name was George, so if we see him again we'll ask him. He might have stopped along the way to have a nice long chat with some of those Canadian tourists who were flying south for the winter. They probably had a nice long party!

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Most likely... you know how birds of a feather like to flock together!