Monday, November 12, 2012

A Garden with a Surprise!

So... there is water below the house... and above it, a massive garden!
 It is mostly done... but Sandy has a look around, just to see what might still be growing.
 The garden is on terraces, so Sandy starts at the lower end and works his way up.
 Wow... that is a huge thistle!! But tucked in behind it are some... carrots! Yum!
 On to the next level...
This is winter kale. Sandy knows that kale is beary good for you but thinks it tastes icky. Mind you... dried kale isn't too bad!
 And here we have some left-over brussels sprouts... they are also good for you too.
 These things look beary mysterious but the sun says "sunchokes"... not sure what they are good for.
 Oh hey... what is that!!??? It looks like a... bee hive?? No, it couldn't be, could it???
 Oh by goodness... it is a bee hive!!
 Look, there is one little honey bee coming back home...
 And a few more!! There must be honey in that box!
Might have to keep a close eye on Sandy... he has that glazed look that little bears get when honey is in the area... Mama keeps reminding him that these are not his bees and to keep his little paws off the bee house!


  1. Oh gosh, what a great garden, and BEES!!! We'll be coming right over, because you know that Jerry loves to look for bees, because bees mean honey!! Glazed look is right!

  2. Hey there Sandy...good to see you 'round Vancouver Island...sunchokes were all over the place on our farm when I grew up.....their roots are nicely edible...maybe recipes on the 'net. And Sandy, the bees need honey for themselves to eat through the winter months till the flowers come again. Have a wonderful time exploring, little bear!

  3. Yup, bees in the backyard! This little bear is going to have to keep his paws to himself. Sigh... maybe the beekeeper will let him have a peek in the hives one day!

  4. Ooh, we'd love to see a photo of the inside of the hive...Ben thinks those bees work beary hard, but Jerry thinks that sometimes they are sitting around playing board games....

  5. Yes... I am going to have to sweet-talk the beekeeper! I think Jerry is right though... they are probably not working beary hard... except practicing their spelling... you know... having "spelling bees"... hah-hah!!

  6. You bee careful around those bees. They might become protective of their winter honey stash. Tell your mom to buy you some honey at the store for your morning toast. That will help deter you from bee-zaster.

  7. @Buttons... Bee-zaster! Oh that is a good one! I'll have to remember that!