Sunday, October 28, 2012

Home Again and Off Again!

Well... talk about a whirlwind trip! Sandy got home from his long road trip and was welcomed by...
Snow!! Fresh snow on the ground!! Oh my goodness...
That is one happy little bear! But it was a beary long road trip and Sandy was pooped. He thought he would have a nice long sleep.
But it wasn't long before Mama was telling him it was time to get up...
The clock said 3:40... a.m. that is... ugh!! Sandy was not impressed with this wake-up call...
But Mama said it was time to get ready for Meh-hee-ko!! Which meant trying out the snorkel equipment.
Hmmm... maybe not... doesn't seem to fit him very well.
Sandy dragged his little bum off to the airport...
reviewed some guidebook material... checked out a few maps...
And boarded the plane before it was light out. See the snow on the ground!
The plane flew over clouds for a beary long time but then it was flying over irrigated cropland with big irrigation circles. Sandy thought that maybe the plane was flying over Jerry & Ben's home... but he wasn't sure... And soon it was time to land in Meh-hee-ko... but there are no photos of that... 2 hours through immigration and customs (with soldiers carrying guns)... so Sandy did his hiding in the backpack thing... Then there was a 2 hour bus ride... not beary exciting... And finally!
Sandy stands on some white stuff!! Which might look like snow... but which is really sand! Pure white sand and a blue sea and the sun going down... time to head for bed and more adventures tomorrow!

P.S. And Sandy has nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy!!! Although he thinks the name is beary nice! If Hurricanes can have "nice" names! He hopes all his US friends have battened down their hatches!


  1. Where are you this time Sandy, in Mexico? Our Halloween package will be waiting for you when you get back! Hope you have a beary nice time there, we love Mexico!

  2. Yep! We are in Meh-hee-ko!! Beary hot down here (I am very overdressed)... Looking forward to mail!

  3. We're glad that the nice mail person isn't going to deliver your Halloween package to Mexico, because it would all melt and you would have one box of a big gooey mess! hehe