Friday, October 26, 2012

A Beary Special Tree

On today's adventure, Mama promised Sandy that he would see a beary unique tree... a tree like no other!! He was beary excited... wondering what this tree could be...
There it is!!! It is... it is... it's a cottonwood... but Sandy has seen a lot of cottonwoods before! What is so unique and special about this tree??
Well, it's what comes out of the tree... can you see it??? Sandy couldn't either... although he could hear it!
See the two red arrows and the red circles at the top and bottom?? It is a stream of water!! Yes... water!
Holy moly... there is a pipe coming out of the tree and it is pee-ing... well.... not really - it is fresh clean mountain water... but it is called the Pee-ing Tree.
It has quite a forceful flow and Sandy wasn't quite sure it was good to drink. He might get beaver fever or something... but Mama did drink it... yum!
Bye-bye pee-ing tree...


  1. Bob T. Bear would love the idea of that peeing tree! hehe

    Pssst: the Halloween Contest results are in!

  2. It does have a certain charm to it... and the water tastes good too!

  3. Begs the question, did the tree grow-up and encompass the underground springs spout? That tree looks to be beary old.
    Makes my mind wonder...that's hard on my fluff brain.

  4. A beary good question! It's a mystery to me too... maybe it was tied to the tree a long time ago and then the tree grew around it?? We need a Sherlock!