Friday, September 21, 2012

A Windy Corner

A visit to Winnipeg would not be complete without a visit to an iconic street corner... Can you guess which one it is??
It has a bunch of banks on it - this one is the Bank of Montreal... there is also the TD Bank, Scotia Bank, CIBC and the Royal Bank... basically all of the major banks in Canada have offices on this street corner.
It is a beary windy street corner as well!
There is a pretty caribou statue here...
And a military memorial...
And did we mention it is beary windy!!! Sandy was having to shelter behind the military memorial otherwise he was getting bowled over!
It's called Portage and Main!! Apparently it is the windiest (and some say, the coldest) street corner in Canada. Today is Sandy's last day in Winnipeg and then it's back out west...


  1. Must be a lot like Chicago, the windy city. Looks like a beautiful city.

  2. Oh yeah, you guys have your own Windy City down there! Winnipeg is beautiful in places and kind of... not-beautiful in others... Like most cities!