Thursday, August 16, 2012

London Ramblings

A trip abroad would not be complete without sending some postcards!
Sandy bought a good selection (even some Paddington Bear ones).
And then debated who got what postcard (that's important!).
Then he lay on his side and wrote the first card (he's left-handed apparently). That took a beary long time so he decided to dictate the rest of them to Mama and have her write them! Then it was off to the mailbox and Sandy thought this would be a great chance to bike to the post office on the rent-a-bikes in London.

But Mama said that as we already had stamps, all we needed to do was cross the street and pop them in the mailbox.
Bye-bye postcards!!

Sandy also went to visit the Duke of York's Headquarters which has now become a modern art gallery...
Actually, the only reason Sandy found himself in there was because it had started to pour rain, and the sign said "free admission"!! There were all sorts of interesting pieces of modern art - like furniture made out of cardboard...
And sculptures made out of stools...
Go figure... maybe it should be the other way around?? Sculptures made out of cardboard (or papier-mache) and furniture made out of stools?

One thing Sandy has noticed about London is that there are lots of lions around!! They are everywhere...
Which isn't surprising given that the lion is the national animal of England!! But that means that bears are in short supply (except as Tower Guards)... although, Sandy did come across a most interesting shop at Covent Garden Market.
You can Build-A-Bear apparently!! Except... if you look carefully at the next picture... what do you see?
Yes, there is a bear there... but to the left is also a stuffie that looks suspiciously like a cat!! Sigh... It's enough to drive a little bear to drink (maybe some honey-beer??)...


  1. We have put some cards in themailbox too yesterday! And then we went on a trip to Germany, we live very close to the border with Germany. There we bought some postcards too, wich we will post soon! I like sending cards and receiving cards, it makes me smile that someone somewher on our planet thought of us! :-)
    Overhere the mailcompany used the slogan "een kaartje, kleine moeite groot plezier" wich means: a card, little effort, big fun! Easy to do, big smile, something like that! :-)

  2. A cat in Build a Bear? On no! We bears need to stick together! hehe

    Good idea you wore that nice green jacket Sandy with all the rain in London. We sometimes had to stop too and take a break with a nice spot of tea while the rain came down (cut actually Papa preferred Starbuck's coffee and we drank hot chocolate).

  3. @Hammie - yes, people nowadays don't often send "real mail" anymore - but I like it! It's fun to write and receive mail...

    @Jerry & Ben - I know, I have no idea how a cat got into the window display at that store. They probably have all sorts of other build-an-animal things in there! As for the rain - I stayed very dry, but Mama wasn't so well prepared because it had been so hot out! But in London, you never know what the weather is going to do.