Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Day in Bearlin

Our last day in Berlin was a busy day! We went to see the old Dom in the former eastern part of Berlin. It is beary large and looks beary imposing from the outside.
 This is the inside... but you can't see much in this photo! Other than Sandy's silhouette!
Sandy was trying to be beary quiet and inconspicuous in the church (so as not to be kicked out).
This is the inside of the dome... it looks a bit like some of the ones in Roma. You can climb several long flights of stairs (some very narrow) and get up to the outside of the cupola... and walk around out here.
 Sandy managed to get up there and it was a beary long way down. Don't look down!
 While Mama was taking these photographs, some young women cooed over Sandy and asked if he was an "Urlaubs Bär" (Holiday Bear) - which he is... (a bear on holidays) but then afterwards Mama realized that they probably thought he was one of those traveling stuffies. You know... you can send your stuffie on a holiday, even if you can't go. And someone (for a fee of course) will take pictures of your stuffie wherever you send him. Sandy isn't one of those stuffies though... if he's going to go on holidays, then Mama is definitely coming along!
 We got a great view of Berlin from up here!
 After all that hot work climbing those stairs - it was time for something different. Near the Dom, on the River Spree - you can take a boat ride - so that's what we did.
 There were beary many boats on the river!
 Oohh... don't fall in there... it looks kind of murky!
 We got to see quite a bit from the river - this is the Reichstag building.
 And this is a German Beach Bar - they sit on beach chairs here... hmmmm...
This is a big museum... Sullivan was probably in there at some point when he was in Berlin.

After our boat ride - it was off to the airport (Tegel) and then to London (arriving beary late) and up beary early the next morning to catch a flight to Canada. Sandy was very bleary eyed and did not want photos taken of any of that!


  1. Glad you had a save trip home! Nice last Berlin post!

  2. More beautiful views of Berlin! We especially like the photos of you on the boat looking at the city! Thanks for the postcard, we made a post about it.

  3. Oh, you went inside the Dom! We only saw the outside.

  4. Yes, we had a discount off admission... beary beautiful. Mind you, we only saw the outside of many museums!

  5. Glad you got home safe!!! Oh, and we got your postcard the other day, too!!! Hope your paws stop being sore from all that walking!!

  6. Thanks Beanie... wow, those postcards came pretty quick!