Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bearlin Air Lift

Part of Sandy's tour includes a bit of history (of course!). Sandy went down to the old Tempelhof Airport area. That airport was closed down years ago, and nearby there is a monument that is a bit lost and overgrown.
Can you see it peeking over the tops of all those vines? It is the Platz der Luftbruecke (literally Air Bridge Plaza).
After World War II, Germany was divided into 4 sectors (American, English, French and Russian). Berlin too, as the capital city, was divided into four sectors. Berlin was surrounded by the Russian sector of Germany (what became East Germany) but the Allies could ship things to West Berlin via truck, boat or rail.

But then, in June 1948, the Russians decided to isolate West Berlin from the west because they wanted it all for themselves. West Berlin wouldn't be able to survive very long if it was cut off from the West - so the Allies began the Berlin Air Lift. They flew everything into West Berlin along three flight corridors - coal, food, gasoline (6000 tonnes/day). The Air Lift continued through the winter and ended in May 1949 when the Russians gave in and reopened road and rail access....
The monument commemorates the Air Lift...
Along the base of the monument are the names of 39 British and 31 American servicemen who lost their lives during the Air Lift (due to crashes).
As seems to be quite common, rose bushes are planted around the monument...


  1. Interesting photos Sandy...we sure hope they air lifted some honey for all the teddies of the children back then...we think they probably did.

  2. They did! They dropped candies from the sky (which are probably made with honey)... There were a lot of Teddies who were getting rather desperate for honey!

    Actually, Mama also says that her Opa kept bees here in Berlin during and after the war, so Mama's Mama had lots of honey for her teddy!

  3. Such an interesting story! Our Dadee speaks a little German and he loves to visit Germany.

  4. Thanks Sandy I learned something I didn't know before.

  5. @Jerry & Ben - I like it too!! This is my first visit to Germany (but not Mama's). I want to come back soon but Mama says it will have to wait a bit.

    @Buttons - I like to travel because I learn new stuff too!