Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bear Olympics - Synchronized Sitting Contest

Today is the day... the dreaded Synchronized Sitting Contest. Ohh... you know how it is with little bears - some are very good at sitting... some not so good! Different body shapes, different muscle tone, it all contributes to an exciting and nail-biting event. Let's see how Team Sandy does!
Ah... they have started off with a simple leaning sit - very smart move. Good poise but not a high level of difficulty. Next up...
The Choo-choo train position. Oh well done... Smart move to put Teddy and Zotti at either end as they provide some back bone to the whole position. Even Sandy manages to maintain a relatively straight-up posture (rather than flopping around like a bear who's had too much honey-beer). And finally...
The Conga-Line position... very well done! The staggered position allows the judges to get a good view of each bear's posture. Sandy does look like he is leaning a titch... ohhh... they might get penalized for that one!

Great job Team Sandy!


  1. Outstanding entry Sandy! We think it's an 8.5!

    1. Hey ware did the comments box go?

      ENYWAY! Grayte sitting, Alex!!!
      I'll add yu to my blog wiv a link, ok??


  2. Oh excellent job!!!!! We score EIGHT!!!