Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bear Olympics - Staring Contest

Today is the day!! Submit your entries for the Staring Contest. It can be a real challenge to get stuffies to stare so good luck to all of our athletes and their coaches!

Team Ben (United States)
A powerful performance from Ben of the USA. His teammates apparently couldn't stop giggling long enough to perform... a common weakness of some stuffies... Notice how the cap shadow draws your eyes deep into that penetrating bear-stare. A masterful performance by Team Ben!!

Team Tango (Great Britian)

A marvelous display of both doubles and singles starting. Clearly these stuffies have been practicing and receiving great coaching.

You can see their stunning entry here... Watch out for Boo Bear - a possible hypnotist in the making!

Team Sullivan (The Netherlands)
In a surprise entry from a not-a-bear, we have Sullivan McPig from the Netherlands! Yay!!! Give a big hand to the pig who has stepped into the ring with all of these bears.

Sullivan has a magnificent stare, and managed to stare down his coach/owner in repeated practices. You can see his entry here...

Team Sandy (Canada)

 Here we go - the host country... give a big hand to... Team Sandy!! (yay!!).

With an odd number of athletes, Team Sandy will have trouble with any doubles competitions, so let's see what they have in store...

Ah... three individual singles entries - a smart move for the Canadian team. Sandy brings up the rear with a strong performance from those penetrating black eyes.

But... what's this... oh... they are doing the World-Famous Triple stare... let's see how they do!
Good poise and a smart move to keep Teddy (with his cataracts) in the back... And that's it for Team Canada... Oh... no, it's not... they are... what are they doing? Oh my goodness... rather than performing a Doubles... they are going to try a Triples!

Oh my goodness... I do hope their eyes will be able to recover from this reverse-cross-eyed performance!

Let's give a big cheer to all of our contestants!! Cheering Squad... go for it!!
(Courtesy of Beanie Mouse!)

And that is it for our contestants... Entry deadline is midnight tonight, so be sure to get your stare in. Voting will end at midnight tomorrow!


  1. Wow!! What great entries!!
    Beanie already voted on Sullivan's blog, the score being SEVEN
    Beanie's Vote for Team Jerry and Ben: SEVEN
    Beanie's Vote for Team Sandy: EIGHT!!! (the triple did it!!

  2. Beary Wonderful Stares!

    Team Tango: 8.5
    Sullivan: 9
    Team Sandy: 8.5

  3. Overhere it's still a few hours till midnight, hope my entry will be valide this time, I overslept with my entry for the napping and gardening contest...

  4. Oh, very good staring by team Ben! An 8.5
    Team Sandy does a good job as well: 8

  5. Ben says that in his photo Sandy is attempting to hypnotize his human companion "Make me honey toast, make me honey toast..." hehehe


    Probably a late entry again.

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  8. And scoring... already done on other websites...

    But for Team Ben - a 9!!