Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bear Olympics - Gardening Contest

Despite having a garden the size of a postage stamp... Team Sandy are persistent gardeners! Each team member took on a particular type of garden. First up is...

Teddy - the Herb Gardener
Teddy has a crop of parsley, cilantro, chives, oregano, thyme, mint and rosemary! But, in the interests of brevity... Teddy has chosen to demonstrate his prowness with mint. Here we have Teddy displaying his mint container. Nicely labelled with a blue sign (in case any not-a-bears are confused), the mint is abundantly prolific and Teddy is quite proud of it. Mint, of course, makes a delicious tea which goes well with honey!
Teddy's second entry is... Cat Mint! Cat mint is also incredibly prolific and does not require much coaxing. It does not make good tea... and alas, the resident cats, are not enamoured with cat mint either. So it grows unpicked and with wild abandon!

Next up is...

Zotti - the Vegetable Gardener
Zotti was faced with limited options this year but valiantly came up with a crop of spinach (long harvested) and the always-viable crop of tomatoes!
Being so far north, the tomatoes do not ripen until well into September, but the plants are putting forth their best effort and Zotti is supervising them with care! Because Teddy had two photo entries, Zotti also feels compelled to enter a second photo and chose peas!
Climbing a strategically placed trellis the... er... peas are doing very well. The astute among you may notice that these are actually sweet peas but Zotti says peas are peas sooooo... there we go.

Finally we have...

Sandy - the Flower Gardener
Sandy is quite proud of his back garden (the proverbial postage stamp). It is a shade garden and is a small oasis in this dry climate.
Sandy's garden (see Sandy in the back with the smaller fern?) features a faux-river bed and a variety of interesting accessories - fossils, rocks, driftwood, antlers, moose vertebrate (which the squirrels love to chew). Flowers include monk's hood, lion's bane, impatience, columbine, anemone, pansies, bleeding heart, ladies mantle, ferns (and a variety of nameless flowers).

Close up... one can see that Sandy is dwarfed by some of these plants... and can play quite a game of hide-and-seek in his garden!


  1. Thank you for your entries Sandy; we added them to our Olympics page!

  2. YEAH Team Canada! We are amazed at the wide range if gardening talent on the team! How can we get some of those yummy veggies, herbs and flowers??! We think you should get the GOLD medal for sure for this event!! That is our vote -

  3. Two Green Thumbs up!! - Billy and Siobhan would like to cast their vote for Sandy and team Canada! (no gmail account yet!, so using Auntie Anne's account). Siobhan says - Come on team Canada, win us a GOLD!!

  4. Wouldn't it be amazing if the Teddy Teams (of all countries) could out-do their counterparts in the People-Olympics??? I think we would need way more events though...

  5. Sandy I almost couldn't find you in a couple of those photos. Your green vest is great camoflage. Nice garden.

  6. Oh, that's worth a NINE!!!! Brilliant gardening there!!!