Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Try-outs for the Bear Olympics

Well... now that Sandy is finally home and has had a good night's sleep (no fireworks) and checked the mailbox (no mail)... he can get around to doing some serious recruiting for the Bear Olympics. First step is to check out Mama's trunk which apparently has some old retired bears tucked away in it.
It's a very nice old truck but... it's a bit full!
And not a bear to be seen at first glance. This will require a bit of work. After tossing a few things hither and yon... Sandy has his first try-out recruit! His name is Waldi. He is a Landed Immigrant from Germany who has been in Canada for at least 42 years. The only problem... he's one of those not-a-bears!
The next try-out is definitely a bear but he's a tad on the small side. His name is... er... Bear... and he is Canadian-born and about 44 years old (give-or-take).
So he might not be a great competitor in the Staring competition... as he'd be staring at Sandy's belly-button!
Alright... next up is another two-toned bear. He looks like he may be related to the previous try-out. His name is also... Bear... also Canadian-born and 47 years old.
He does sit very well and is about the right size but... whenever he tries to stand up... well... he doesn't have good bones that way! He just does face-plants (that could be another competition maybe)...
Or he could be in the bowing competition? Hmmm...
Next up we have another Landed Immigrant from Germany... oh... sorry... he's taken his Canadian Citizenship exams so is most definitely Canadian! His name is Zotti and other than a worn-out squeeze-box noise-maker in his chest (no cheering coming out of him)... he's a relatively well-put together little bear.
He can stand up quite well... sit quite well and he's about the right size. His pedigree is also impeccable, coming from a long line of Steiff bears (yes... THOSE Steiff bears). He's about 42 years old as well and is a definite contender! He may not win the "Best Dressed Bear" competition but... neither will Sandy!

So... out of all that... we have Sandy and Zotti so far. That's a pretty good Team Canada (better than one bear). Sandy had hoped that he would find a friend that looks a bit more like Sandy himself... you know, like Jerry and Ben but... alas... nothing like that. Mind you... there is another trunk to root around in the basement so maybe Sandy will find another team member.


  1. Oh excellent!! And I don't think it matters whether you stare at a belly button or not. It's the taking part that counts!!

    1. Yes... just had to do some hunting and the bears start appearing out of the wood work (or at least out of the wood trunk!)...

  2. Wonderful Sandy! Your Olympic team is looking good! We think you're going to win the gold medal in the staring contest!

  3. Good luck in the bear Olympics!
    I did some training myself earlier in the year.
    check it out...