Saturday, July 7, 2012

Singing... er... Shrinking (?) in the Rain

Canada Day (a few days ago) was a cloudy day but Sandy desperately wanted to get out for a walk. As it had been raining for a while, he was feeling a little claustrophobic. So off he went on his walk down by the river near Gramma's place. And it was fun! The forest there is like a rain forest for Sandy...
There are so many green plants there... and Sandy even found a maple leaf (in honour of Canada Day!).
And all was well... until it started to drizzle... and then shower... and Sandy was starting to get wet! And you know what he thinks about getting wet (he's afraid that he will shrink)... At which point he found another maple leaf which looked a lot bigger than the last one (or maybe Sandy was shrinking?)...
Uh-oh... Sandy rooted through Mama's backpack looking for something to shield him from the rain... like the ziploc rain cape he had taken to London before! But... this ziploc bag wasn't going to work...
But.... Sandy could take shelter under some really big leaves! There we go...
Except... these leaves look suspiciously like maple leaves too!!
And they are huge... or else Sandy has gotten tiny... which is it?? Are the leaves getting larger or is little bear getting littler??
Sandy and Mama decided at that point that it was a moot point since the drizzle/shower had turned into a downpour! Run for the truck! Along the way, Sandy (bouncing along in Mama's backpack with his head sticking out) saw some small maple leaves and had Mama stop and pick them... See!! He hadn't shrunk!
The leaves just kept changing size (and species)... But now Sandy is a very bedraggled little bear with wet boots and wet pants and a wet jacket... brrr... cold! Luckily, Mama's truck has a built-in bear-drying-system...
Vents... check. Heat... check... Full throttle air... check! And Sandy rotates in front of the vents and gets dry very quickly!


  1. We love the idea of a big leaf as an umbrella Sandy! And the green leaf goes nicely with your green coat too!

  2. Yes... green is a very nice colour. I could be a very good ninja bear in the forest, blending into the greenery and stalking unsuspecting bees!

  3. Ninja Bear! That is a great halloween costume!

  4. Sandy glad you didn't shrink. You must never put a plastic bag on your head. Didn't you read the warning? Children & little bears can stufficate.

  5. @Buttons - good point! Sometimes I almost stufficate in Mama's backpack too... I've become very good at holding my breath... ooohhh that would be another good Olympic Bear Event!

  6. You have Wonderful Adventures, Sandy! I'm so Glad for you that you Have such a Fun Mamma who has So Many Interests! My Daddy and I Love your Wide-Ranging Adventures! :o)