Thursday, July 5, 2012

On the hunt for the colour Red

Well, Sandy definitely has an attraction to the colour red. Today, he saw some flowers on one of his walks and scampered over because it was a "new" flower!
They are called "Indian Paintbrush" and they come in pink and yellow and white... but these red ones are very beautiful!
The interesting thing is that the red parts aren't actually petals but are coloured leaves called bracts... While Sandy was admiring these red flowers he spied something else that was red but that was tucked away in the grasses!
Do you see them?  They are tucked under those three-leaved crawling plants... hard to see but...
Sandy is on the hunt... he needs a closer look though. What could these things be?
They look like... they look like... berries!
Wilds strawberries!! Yummy!!! They are very small... and hard to find... but once Sandy has spied out the first little clump... well... all of a sudden he sees them everywhere!
Here are some more...
And even more... Sandy learns that they aren't great to pick into containers for bringing home, because they get all squished and turn to strawberry mush... which means he'll have to eat them here in the meadow!
Yummy!! They are almost as good as honey (but not quite)... They are beary beary good! Do you have wild strawberries where you live?


  1. We had strawberries, but they are gone now--mostly because Jerry ate them! We had a good crop of raspberries too, but we didn't get jam made in time and the heat wave was hard on the last berries. We'll have to wait until next year.

  2. You already have raspberries!!? My goodness...