Friday, July 6, 2012

The Dangers of Flower-hunting

As you may have noticed, Sandy loves flowers! He especially loves to discover new flowers. Today he came across a bright yellow flower, which he thought was very beautiful.
They look like a starburst or a sunshine burst and Sandy thinks they must be a highly sought after flower for gardens. Alas... Mama told him they are called "Hawk Weed" and aren't all that sought after.
Sandy thinks maybe they should be called Star Flower or Sunshine Flower but then... he discovers the other side of this flower.
See the spit in front of Sandy's face? Yes, well, I can assure you it isn't Sandy's spit! In fact, inside the spit is a little green bug, that for lack of a better name is known as spit bug. Hawk Weeds are often covered in spit bugs!
Maybe Sandy won't be planting them anytime soon in his garden! But then, there are always the daisies! Except today... the daisies have some hitchikers...
Mama was getting all set to take a picture of Sandy with the beautiful daisies when Sandy squealed with fright. There was a clump of something hanging between the daisies! Ewww!! What was it?? A nest of baby spiders...
Ohh... Sandy got all itchy just watching them crawling all over the flowers. He could almost imagine that he had spiders under his clothes... itchy! Have you encountered dangers in your flower hunts?


  1. Those yellow flowers are beautiful Sandy. We don't like the spiders so much, but if you see bees, keep an eye on them, because they can lead you to honey! hehe

  2. Yes... spiders don't do much... but bees are great! Except sometimes I get confused between bees and bumble bees and wasps and hornets and yellow jackets and... other bugs that go "sting"!

  3. Hi Sandy, yes that's true. Bumble bees aren't so bad, but we don't like wasps so much, and wasps DO NOT make good pets.