Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There are trees... and then... there are TREES

So little bear is a flatlander bear... he knows prairies... he knows horizons... and he thinks he knows trees. But now he's getting a crash course in mountains... and glaciers... and trees! Back where he comes from, trees come in a variety of sizes... from little scrawny stick things to moderately scrawny stick things. This would be a typically-sized tree for little bear... (actually a big tree, because he can't wrap his arms around it!)
But now... little bear realizes that his education in trees has been sorely lacking. First off... trees out west are big! And they are plentiful! There are trees everywhere, up the mountains, down the mountains, along the rivers, even in the rivers!

And the industry around here centres on trees... logging... everywhere. Little bear didn't know that there were so many trees in the whole wide world.
So many trees, so much lumber... at least they can use it to build some very solid bridges. Little bear remembers the very scrawny bridge across his river back home... the one that was almost falling apart. But here, they have a very solid bridge built over a tiny little channel that looks like it wouldn't hurt a fly! Now this a bridge that little bear feels comfortable in crossing. He figures he could jump up and down on this bridge and it wouldn't move a millimetre... now that's a bridge...
 Little bear also learns that trees can have a whimsical side... they might even have tree spirits residing in them... oohhh... Little bear heard that and immediately went on the prowl to discover tree spirits. He looked inside the trees (when he could)... and didn't find anything other than rotting wood and dust...
You have to remember though, that little bear looks at things from a little bear perspective (8 inches off the ground)... When he was reminded to look up, he finally saw it... a tree spirit!! This one looks very old and venerable but didn't object when little bear asked if he could have his picture taken...

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