Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learning how the other half lives...

Little bear has finally reached his destination! That was a long road trip... but he's glad that it's over. And he finds that he's not alone in this place. There are two new friends for him to meet...
Little bear notices that while one of the dogs looks pretty good, the other one looks a bit... well... under the weather. His fur is all icky and he seems a bit droopy. Little bear asks him what happened to him... is he just a very old dog?
Both dogs are quite happy to tell little bear what this place is like... and who lives in this place... A monster lives here... yes, a monster with sharp white fangs who loves to drool and slobber little dogs... and maybe little bears too! Little bear has never met a monster before and he can only imagine what it might look like... when all of a sudden... out of left field...
comes a black monster who promptly knocks little bear over and starts snuffling him all over (that tickles!). Little bear lets out a squeal of dismay... "my fur"!! (Little bear is very particular about his fur if you haven't noticed... and he does not want to look like the dilapidated dog!) After a bit of a tussle... little bear is rescued from black monster and a few conversations ensue... the end result of which is a happy group photo.
Everyone plasters a smile on their faces... although little bear is ready to bolt as soon as the photo op is done! He's learned what a lucky little bear he is... and has no desire to become a dog toy (or a cat toy for that matter).

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