Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Last Romp through the Greenery

Today's the day... little bear is headed home and none too pleased about that. Admittedly, he does miss his comfy chair but... he's gotten used to the greenery... it's everywhere now!
Little bear is wondering what will happen as the greenery gets bigger and bigger... everything will be green... and he will be perfectly camouflaged! Oooh... he could become a Jungle Bear... sneaking up on unsuspecting folks and scaring the heck out of them!
All he will have to do is be very still (which he does very well), blend into the scenery and then pounce... When told that the law takes a very dim view of people or bears lurking in bushes... little bear decided that maybe lurking in the bushes was not for him. He's a smart little bear!
Maybe all little bear really needs to do is just to enjoy the greenery and soak up the spring sunshine... it is so warm and one could think that he's getting a tad warm in his winter boots, winter pants, down jacket and fur hat but... little bear says he's actually just fine. Very tired... but just fine. It's been a whirlwind trip for little bear... and he's not looking forward to the long car-ride home... but then... he doesn't have to drive either!

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