Thursday, May 31, 2012

Huff and Puff

Little bear discovered the most beautiful flower today. It is so bright and beautiful... and a delightful shade of yellow. He immediately wanted to pick a bouquet to bring home...
But he learned that they don't do well once they've been picked... and can actually turn little bear paws brown with the milk from their stems. Poor little bear... but then he discovered what happens as these flowers age.
They get all old and shriveled and then... something wondrous happens... they become beautiful white and silver puffballs.
Aren't they beautiful? Little bear was mesmerized by these puffballs... and looked at them from every angle...
He could see that some of the puffballs had lost their little puffs... and he learned that if he blew really hard, the whole puff ball would just disintegrate and float away. So little bear huffed and puffed with all his might... but only managed to tip himself over backwards!
Little bear apparently doesn't have a lot of huff-n-puff capability... or maybe these puff balls weren't ready yet. Maybe little bear will start a garden back home... and these will be one of his first plantings!


  1. Nice photos! Papa calls those flowers "weeds", and for some strange reason he gets mad at them while he's working in the yard...that makes Jerry giggle. But we noticed that sometimes the leaves of those things are included in salads at fancy restaurants, so they can't be entirely weeds then we think.

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